Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Australia’s Sweet iPhone Deal

Since the iPhone’s release in the US, many people have been speculating about its release in other countries. Though there is still no news for the iPhone in Canada, Australian iPhone fans are receiving some good news today.

Australian Apple resellers have been receiving word that that iPhone will be coming to Australia this summer.

Resellers have been informed that the iPhone will be released in the last week of June. As the rumour goes, it will be available to more than just one carrier, and there will be no contract lock-in. Finally, the iPhone will be available from existing Apple resellers across Australia, to bring customers in and show them Apple’s other products, much as their Macintosh computers.


This release could also also coincide with the opening of Australia’s first official Apple Retail Store, at 367 George St. in Sydney. The store is scheduled to open around this time as well.

If this information is indeed true, it would make Australia’s iPhone support the most open we have seen so far, with no mandatory contract lock-ins and availability from stores other than just Apple stores or carrier storefronts.

Being a Canadian iPhone website, we here at iPhone World still have no official information about upcoming iPhone announcements in Canada. But just to throw one more rumor into the rumor bin: recently iPhone World forum member ATC stated that according to a Rogers employee it will be coming to Fido this summer, though there is no conclusive evidence and should therefore be taken with a few cups of salt.

Thanks: Mactalk

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