Thursday, April 3, 2008

Apple's iPhone boosts RIM Blackberry's revenues

For once, competition could be very healthy indeed; Research in Motion, which manufactures, the Blackberry device, announced that its fourth quarter profit and revenues had shot up as its subscriber base expanded substantially.

RIM now has more than 14 million users worldwide with a sixth added in the last quarter alone.

This exceptional performance is partly explained by the fact that the introduction of Apple's iPhone had encouraged people to toy with smartphones and the Blackberry was one winner as iPhone does not have a business version ready. Yet.

One US analyst, said that the iPhone was the single biggest blessing RIM ever had as RIM is rumoured to prepare the release of touchscreen equipped Blackberry's, a vital feature of the iPhone success.

However, this could soon change for the worst if the iPhone adopted 3G, got a price cut and improved its integration with Microsoft Exchange.


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