Monday, April 7, 2008

The 99 Euro iPhone, Now available in Germany

 Euro iPhone, Now available in Germany
Picture: Apple

The iPhone has tended to see less success in European markets than in the USA, particularly because many customers seem wary of signing the accompanying service provider contract. Germany has seen especially sluggish iPhone sales. Perhaps this is why mobile service provider T-Mobile is now selling the iPhone for an astonishingly low 99€. That’s right, for the same cost of a standard, boring and unskilled Nokia 6300, people can get their hands on Apple’s blessed device. There is a catch, of course: Purchasers have to sign the highest level, two year, complete extra large tariff costing €89 per month. However, somewhat skilled iPhone aficionados can subvert T-Mobile’s marketing plans and come home with their own iPhone for under €100

Here’s how: instead of actually going into a T-Mobile store and signing the contract in person, buyers may sign their contracts online through iTunes. As long as no deposits are in place, there is nothing to stop the user from simply jailbreaking the iPhone with either ZiPhone or the Pwnage Tool and getting a major steal. Acquiring an iPhone in this manner is even less expensive than just changing the iPhone’s colour, to pink, for example.

Now all that remains is to purchase some cheap flights to Germany for some iPhone tourism, before all the units are sold out or T-Mobile comes to their senses.

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