Wednesday, April 9, 2008

68% of Chinese knew of iPhone

While we still don’t know who will provide iPhone to Chinese, it appears there are other interesting things going on in there. Pearl Research has investigated the iPhone influence in China, and found that 68% of 450 respondents knew of the iPhone.

Females liked its design and trendiness, while males adored its usability as a buying factor. But the high price tag of $500 or more was the most mentioned reason for disinterest in purchasing an iPhone along with Apple’s inexperience in mobile phones.

A key selling point for the iPhone is the ease through which users can intuitively surf the Internet on a touch-screen. However, this selling point of mobile Internet has less resonance in China. Through interviews with consumers, Pearl Research found that most users do not use the mobile Internet extensively due to carriers’ high costs for these services.


And it’s no wonder there are so many iPhone fakes, since apparently China has a big hunger for the iPhone. The iPhone’s high profile has spawned Chinese copycats that duplicate iPhone’s features at a fraction of the price, retailing for $200 to $300. Pearl Research believes the popularity of these copycat phones could cut into market share for the official iPhone.


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