Wednesday, April 9, 2008

3G iPhone guts discovered

Another day, another clue on the upcoming 3G iPhone. Today, Zibri, of the (in)famous iPhone unlocking fame, discovered some interesting code in the SDK released yesterday. Along with the "SGOLD2" moniker of previous iPhone firmware releases, yesterday's release includes the code for an "SGOLD3" chip.

This most likely refers to Neubiberg, Germany-based Infineon's S-GOLD3H 3.5 G chip (PDF Link). While this chip has a lot of bells and whistles, the most alluring features to prospective iPhone customers will be the HSDPA speeds (theoretical 7.2mbs download speeds) and capacity to support a five megapixel (compared to the current two megapixel) cameras. Other features like FM radio tuner/broadcasting, MMC cards and infrared capabilities will likely be passed on.

Apple, is obviously keeping hush hush but Infineon partner, Interdigital, is already outted as the iPhone's 3G licensing partner - at least for the next seven years.

Image courtesy Pocket Reviews

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