Friday, April 11, 2008

3G iPhone could go to another carrier

You can bet that AT&T’s rivals are kicking themselves for not getting on the iPhone train early on. Now, the 3G iPhone could offer them a second chance to join the latest trend. Statistically, iPhone users rack up a higher monthly bill than any other device, retain their contracts for longer periods of time, and are tech-savvy enough to solve their own problems without having to go into an AT&T store. Consider the following facts, pulled from Rubicon Consulting’s report, entitled “The Apple iPhone: Successes and Challenges for the Mobile Industry”:

-The iPhone increases mobile browsing. More than 75% of iPhone users say it has led them to do more mobile browsing.
-The iPhone increases phone bills. The iPhone has increased mobile phone bills by an average of 24%, or $228 extra per year.

It’s important to remember that Apple isn’t strictly wedded to their AT&T contract. If another carrier comes along with a higher bid, Apple will definitely consider switching over. And considering the profits that those carriers could see from having the iPhone on their network, a bidding war could likely erupt.


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