Thursday, March 27, 2008

XviD4PSP: free iPhone video converter

iPhone World reader jtarrio writes: I can’t believe you haven’t yet discovered Xvid4PSP. This tools is 100% free and has buit-in profiles for most widely used portable devices, including iPhone, it’s very simple to use and provides very good quality! … I’d NEVER pay for a video conversion tool knowing something like Xvid4PSP existed!!

And indeed even though its name doesn’t imply anything iPhonic in it, XviD4PSP is actually an excellent program that can help you transfer your videos collection to your iPhone / iPod Touch without paying anything.

xvid4psp iphone

The software is very intuitive, has an especially added 1.500 out aspect (for MP4 iPhone and MP4 iPod Touch formats), quite a big number of features, and generally is great because it’s completely free and supports a huge number of platforms apart of the iPhone (PSP, XBOX, iPods, and general PC/Mac video conversions are supported).

You can find out more about XviD4PSP on its official site or download the program below.

Direct download: XviD4PSP v5.031 - only for Windows, sorry Mac OS X users (18MB)
NOTE: You’ll need to have Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 installed first, and the program only works on Windows XP and above.

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