Saturday, March 29, 2008

Video of unlocking iPhone 2.0 firmware

iPhone Dev Team does it again. As usually, they have managed to hack the latest build of firmware — this time the upcoming and yet to be released v2.0. This time however, they used curiously named ‘Pwnage tool”. Not only it allows you to jailbreak and unlock the iPhone, but also because the program patches bootloader, you can load any firmware image you want which simplifies jail breaking.

Here is a video of the unlock:

Although this is the first available video of the 2.0 firmware unlock in action, the makers of ZiPhone earlier this month claimed to be the first out there to claim a full v2.0 unlock, although they’ve decided not to release any details so Apple wouldn’t have a way to patch the unlock hack before the new firmware is launched.

Thanks: Engadget

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