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V-Moda Vibe Duo Earbuds / Headset (iPhone Compatible)

V-Moda Vibe Duo Earbuds / Headset (iPhone Compatible) - Black

The ultimate in mobility, sound and comfort has arrived with V-Moda's Vibe Duo Nero. The final word in sound accessories for your iPhone, Vibe Duo Nero's minimalist design integrates a discreet microphone with a call-control button that blends seamlessly with the durable black fabric cable and is remarkably lightweight. Now you can take calls and control your music, all in a great-sounding headphone that weighs only 13 grams. The ergonomic design is complemented by the comfortable and stable fit of soft silicone fittings, making this headphone/headset optimal for any active lifestyle. V-Moda's highly-regarded V-Masque dynamic driver provides unparalleled clarity and high-definition sound for optimum communication capabilities or the ultimate music listening experience.

V-MODA's "Sculpted Sound Curve"

Designed to mimic the warm, sweet sound of hi-fi stereo speakers, the Vibe Duo Nero's sound curve remains amazingly straight with no bass roll-off which delivers a smooth and detailed bass response. A sensitivity dip in the 500hz to 2kHz range accentuates the bass slightly and reproduces a warm soundstage. The gentle dropoff in the high ranges was carefully designed to avoid harsh or "clinical"-sounding highs, making the Vibes suitable as in-ear monitors.

Precision engineering allows your portable audio player or cell phone
to deliver surprisingly stunning sound

The Power of V-MASQUE and BLISS Technologies

V-MASQUE is the speaker technology designed to reproduce V-MODA's sculpted sound curve. It involves using micro-sized metal alloy housings with dynamic neodymium speaker drivers to produce intense clarity and a warm, rich sound. Many other high-end headphones use balanced armature drivers, which can produce clarity well when inserted deeply--and for many people, uncomfortably--into the ear. Yet even in the best-case scenarios headphones using balanced-armature drivers can often lack warmth, producing a "mechanical"-sounding midrange and highs that feel flat and cold. The sound signature of the Vibe series is specifically designed for juicy lows and a sweet midrange yet maintains very precise highs.

Vibe's amazing hi-definition sound makes every element of your music crystal clear and present on a 3-D soundstage. The unique V-MASQUE dynamic driver and "beat port" airflow system recreates the sensation of a LIVE music experience. The "beat port" airflow system works by allowing the airflow to move throughout the housing naturally thanks to precision-cut holes in the driver and the housing. This airflow creates an organic output that is far different than other high-end in-ear monitors that can sound distant and mechanical. The Vibe simulates an experience of listening to live music thanks to the circulation that takes place inside the headphone.

Your Duo Nero comes with a black leather carrying case, cable manager,
and three sizes of silicone fittings in two colors
for the perfect fit and style

BLISS is the acronym for "Bass-Level-Isolating Soft Silicon". Passive noise isolation by itself is not unordinary for in-ear headphones, yet extreme attention to detail is critical because of the fitting's effect in both comfort and sound. The exact thickness of the silicon can make all the difference in the world. Many of the "softest" silicon fittings on some brands proved to be too thick in V-MODA's user test panel. BLISS is made to not only be extremely comfortable in the ear canal, but also to be the easiest earphone to put in and take out quickly. This way one can rock quickly in a matter of seconds, then take an intermission before another encore.

The shape of the fitting is also extremely crucial to prevent them from popping out too easily by providing a proper seal. One of the interesting things V-MODA discovered is that the smaller the fitting, the better the fit for some users since the smaller fitting fits slightly deeper to prevent fall-out. However, many people commonly try only "larger" fittings thinking they may be tighter when the opposite is true. This is why V-MODA puts the small fittings on by default in the packaging, but users should try a few different sizes to decide for themselves optimal sound and comfort.

The design behind BLISS is also an ideology of how far deep the fittings should lie in the ear and the level of noise isolation. In V-MODA's user test groups, many users found that other high-end headphones required a fit too deep and too intrusive to get the best sound and comfort. BLISS fittings are "just right" for everyday use and the amount of noise isolation they provide.

The Perfect Complement to Your iPhone

The Vibe Duo Nero was designed with durability and versatility in mind. Its slim, 3.5mm jack works seamlessly with the iPhone. Its discreet, high-gain mic ensures you'll be heard loud and clear in any situation, without any heavy electronics dragging you down. The call button allows users to take calls and control the music functions of the iPhone with hands-free convenience. Now there's no longer a need to switch between your iPhone headset and your "good" headphones: the Vibe Duo Nero does it all in a lightweight, great-sounding headphone with a style that's sure to turn heads.

Product Description
Marrying luxurious style and supreme audio clarity, the Vibe Duo noise-isolating headset lets you take calls and carry on conversations with hands-free convenience. V-MODA's Vibe Duo headset is the ultimate in mobility, audio-enthusiast sound, and comfort. Featuring compatibility with iPhone and amazing high-definition sound, Vibe Duo's minimalist all-metal design integrates a discrete microphone that blends seamlessly with a durable black fabric cable while remarkably lightweight. The microphone's convenient call/music control button can easily switch between chatting on the phone and listening to your music library. The ergonomic design is complemented by the comfortable and stable fit of soft silicone fittings, making this headset/earphone well suited for any active lifestyle. V-MODA's V-MASQUE dynamic driver provides unparalleled clarity and high-definition sound for optimum communication capabilities and the ultimate music listening experience. Suitable for intense activity or calm relaxation V-MASQUE dynamic driver for high definition clarity and 3-D soundstage Noise-isolating (BLISS) technology to reduce ambient noises and enable deep bass Solid alloy composition creates sculpted sound curve fashioned for discerning music enthusiasts Handmade premium metal craftsmanship and sophisticated design accentuates the modern individual Frequency response - 12Hz-22kHz Speaker driver - V-MASQUE dynamic technology, 9mm neodymium rare-earth magnet Cable length - 32/81.3 cm plug to y-connector; 13.5/34.3cm even-length earphone cables Cable diameter - 0.09/2.2 mm (optimal for sport) Plug - 24k gold-plated, 3.5mm (1/8) dual standard stereo/iPhone compatible plug Weight - 13 grams

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