Monday, March 10, 2008

Test Center Tracker: Windows improvements, iPhone app dev, and network security

Longhorn top 10 - Though not as amusing as anything you'll see on "Letterman," Sean McCown and Tom Yager's top 10 list of improvements to Windows Server 2008 provides a useful overview of the key features that earned the server high marks in our recent review.

Review: RedSeal delivers the big security picture - Securing your IT assets is a seemingly never-ending task. Figuring out just where to begin can be induce heavy sweating. InfoWorld contributor Steve Hultquist has discovered a powerful solution in RedSeal Security Risk Manager: "Combining device configuration data with vulnerability data and other information, SRM creates a visual map of high-value, high-risk assets, and provides a collection of views and reports that help you zero in on the most effective path to mitigation," he writes.

App licensing and the iPhone - Donning his Enterprise Mac hat, Tom Yager contemplates Apple's $299 enterprise development license that entitles developers to create and distribute custom iPhone software strictly for internal use. Details from Apple are hazy, and Tom has plenty of questions on the subject


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