Sunday, March 9, 2008

The PED 3 Stand for your iPhone

Stands for the iPhone are typically pretty dull, they do their job fairly effectively but aren’t always very aesthetically appealing. When you want to sit back and watch a video on your favorite gadget this stand will hold it either vertically or horizontally.


The stand is definitely sturdy since it is made from a pound of solid steel. Luckily, the metal fingers are coated with rubber so no worries about it scratching up your iPhone.

The grips are also positioned to leave access to the areas where you might want to plug your iPhone in. The PED 3 is available for both the iPod Touch as well as the iPhone. The down side is that due to its sturdy structure it doesn’t fold down as much as other models do, making it slightly less convenient as far as portability goes.

[via ohgizmo]

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