Thursday, March 6, 2008

Paypal advises against Safari

When purchasing the iPhone, many were thinking about the luxury of all the convenience it offered. However, it seems one of those conveniences might be taken away. PayPal has begun to warn its users against using Safari when checking their accounts.


Which is no big deal for those with iMacs or MacBooks, they can just download a different program and not have to worry about it. Yet those of us with the iPod or iPhones are stuck with Safari. According to PayPal Safari lacks the Extended Validation Certificate, a technology that helps warn you against unsafe sites.

Therefore preventing any nasty issues that those might bring. Now, there is the argument that you can use your own common sense. However, we all have our weak moments when we click on a bad link. In which case, maybe it is best to heed PayPal’s advice and wait until we’re on a computer with something besides Safari to check in on our accounts.

[via crunchgear]

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