Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mozilla: No Firefox for iPhone

Mozilla has invited a handful of technology writer to come down to its office on Wednesday for a roundtable discussion. They discussed many things one of which was iPhone.

Mozilla CEO John Lilly and VP of engineering Mike Schroepfer said that Apple’s software requirements for the device are too restrictive, and as such, they will not be making Firefox for iPhone, at least in the near future.


Lilly said, “Apple has not written a license which allows Firefox to run on the iPhone.”

Instead, they will pursue more open platforms like Android.

“Android and iPhone are closed platforms. There are carriers and device manufacturers who are more open with their platform, and we’ll do well there — the Nokia N810 internet tablet, for example. People can just take the (Firefox) code and run with it, so there’s a lot happening that we don’t even see until it shows up… XUL (the language in which Firefox’s user interface is written) makes it easy to experiment on mobile devices. That’s our main advantage on mobile platforms” said Schroepfer.


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