Thursday, March 20, 2008

Monopoly? Oh puhleeeeeze!!

HotelsDavid Pakman, CEO of iTunes "competitor" eMusic, talked to Wired on Thursday about this completely speculative story that has Apple offering a brand new unlimited music model for their iPods and iPhones.

He had some pretty strong comments for something that hasn't happened yet.

"That's classic Sherman Antitrust Act behavior," he told Wired. "It's called tying, and it's where a company with a monopoly position in one market uses that monopoly position unfairly to compete in another."

You know what, David Pakman? Fine. Fine. Now if that's the case, I expect you to also use this soapbox of yours to call for PCs to be sold without Windows. Because if you want something that's monopolistic, all you need to do is walk into any major retailer and look at any non Mac or Linux computer.

I get really, really tired of hearing people using the words iTunes and antitrust in the same sentence. And it's even more annoying when someone is taking a story that most newspapers wouldn't even allow -- because it has no sources whatsoever -- and turning it into something horrible that Apple is doing. I'd defend any company this way.

What a day. iTunes accused as monopolistic and Verizon wins the wireless auction. What's next? Starbucks runs out of coffee?


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