Friday, March 21, 2008

LG’s LH2300: a real iPhone rival?

Mobiles World reports that LG has launched a new handset in Korea, called the LH2300.

Launched under LG’s Korean brand Cyon, the LH2300 is a touchscreen phone featuring some very impressive hardware, that rivals, and even beats the iPhone in some departments.

Its 3″ screen’s resolution is 800×480 pixels (widescreen), it features support for 3G CDMA2000 1x and EVDO networks, has a digital TV (T-DMB), the onboard camera is of 3 megapixels with autofocus and face recognition, while the phone weighs only 95 grams.

lg lh cyon 2300

LG LH2300 features a new “Hello UI” that allows for easy menus selection, and it also has a Quick Search Icon for direct access to main portals like Naver, Google, and Yahoo, Internet hot keys and a jog wheel.

But while these specs sound fantastic, there are certainly some doubts whether better hardware means better experience, and whether the LG LH2300 will be able to do what LG’S previously released so called “iPhone killers” LG Prada and LG KS20 were supposed to do and failed badly, that is dethrone the iPhone.

Since LG Cyon LH2300 is only available in Korea at the moment without immediate plans for international release, we will have to just wait and see… And the price could also be another issue, as the phone costs over $600


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