Saturday, March 29, 2008

iPhone’s future -”lifestyle companion”?

Several Apple patents have emerged describing what iPhone might become one day. A “Lifestyle companion” is similar to Nike+iPod exercise system. It uses accelerometer and other external sensors like GPS to track your workout and provide data for various lifestyle applications, which would show you statistics and provide further suggestions on how to maximise your workouts. Imagine it as a personal trainer program for your iPhone. Of course, this is not the only use of such system.


Another use of this invention would be as a personal diet coach. You set up your nutritional goals, after which program suggests nutritional activities. It also monitors your intake and provides progress reports. Those components would also work together, with the system suggesting workouts based on your diet and physical condition and vice versa.


Of course, these are just patent applications, and do not necessarily means that they will be developed.


Thanks: Unwired

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