Monday, March 31, 2008

iPhone Pwnage Project goes to new levels of hacking iPhone

iPhone owners now have a new option when deciding to hack their iPhones. Until now the iJailbreak and Ziphone hacks have allowed people to easily change some files on their iPhones in order to install applications from the Installer or change the mobile carrier.

Today, or next week, the iPhone Dev team will release a tool that does much more than any hacking project has to date. If the video below is to be believed, (Wild techno music so turn down sound if you aren't in a club), many more options will now be available to iPhone owners.

Read the Question/Answer with the developers for some more insight.

For instance, pre-jailbroken versions of the iPhone OS can be installed directly on the machine including hacks and applications. Or alternative operating systems like Open Moko or Linux can be installed. You could theoretically do a full backup of your iPhone OS partition as well in case it all goes bad.

Theoretically, you could also use this tool to deploy standard builds of the iPhone OS to 100s of employees at a time..

...or this could all be an April Fools day gag. Put your guards up people!


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