Monday, March 3, 2008

iBoom Travel

Your life. Your music. Anywhere

iboom travel
Bedside to poolside
Enjoy your favorite playlists wherever you go – at home, on the road, in the office, or even your own backyard. iBoom Travel is the first 2-in-1 portable iPod speaker system and travel alarm clock that gives you supreme portability and the convenience of a clock radio all in one sleek take-with-you package. Why buy both when you get everything you need from the iBoom Travel! As an alarm clock, simply place any dockable iPod into iBoom Travel and you can fall asleep or awaken to your favorite iPod playlists, FM radio or “old school” alarm buzzer.

Not just for the nightstand iboom travel black
The iBoom Travel allows you to enjoy your favorite music ‘on-the-go’ without the hassle of headphones. Yet its sleek, portable design, convenient travel pouch, and clock radio make it ideal for even the most discerning road warriors. The iBoom Travel features a soothing blue backlight and programmable sleep settings so you can drift off to your favorite sleep-inducing playlist. And, just like a good night’s sleep gives you power to start your day, your iPod will be charged and ready to go after being docked in the iBoom Travel for the night.

What's in the box
The iBoom Travel includes iPod fit inserts, compact AC adapter, travel pouch with outer pocket, and a manual to get you going in 5 easy steps. Wake up and get moving with your iPod and the DLO iBoom Travel!

what is in the box

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