Sunday, March 16, 2008

Google Android vs Apple iPhone: IT’S ON!

When one of Apple’s closest allies, Google, states that “There are just certain apps you can’t build on an iPhone,” you know that the battle between Apple iPhone and Google Android is on, and quite soon the strategic alliance might be in peril.

At the eComm conference yesterday, Google’s group manager for mobile platforms, Rich Miner, was preparing the grounds for Google Android launch — while praising the iPhone for its innovations, he hinted that Apple is about to encounter some heavy competition in the smartphones market.

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It came out with the iPhone and did a number of things right first time, first device,” Miner said about Apple. He greeted iPhone’s user experience and emhpasized Google Maps’ iPhone integration.

But he also reminded that “There’s a lot of restrictions,” citing lack of support for background mode for applications, interpreted languages that cannot be supported in applications, and lack of multiprocessing applications support.

He then went on to compare Android to the iPhone, stating that “Android is a complete platform, not just an OS.” He pointed out that it features a software development kit, and was originally designed for openness.

According to Mr Miner, four manufacturers announced plans to produce Android handset, with the first device coming out in second half of 2008. He does expect many more to be released soon, though.

Thanks: InfoWorld

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