Monday, March 10, 2008

Gameloft Promises 15 Games for iPhone

Iphone_gameloftGameloft CEO and president Michel Guillemot wasn't joking about that mobile gaming renaissance he mentioned during his Game Developer Conference keynote. On Monday, Gameloft announced it will produce no less than 15 new titles for the iPhone this year, making it the fourth major developer to publicly embrace the iPhone as a gaming platform.

Echoing remarks he made during last month's GDC, Guillemot said that the iPhone gaming environment will usher in "a new era in mobile gaming," adding that Apple's new SDK offers a tremendous opportunity for the company.

According to Guillemot, Gameloft developers have already started using Apple's software development kit to produce a series of new titles, some of which should be available when the App Store launches in June.

Gameloft joins the likes of Sega, Freeverse and EA, who will all be releasing native iPhone and iPod Touch games later in the year. During Thursday's SDK event, EA even said that an iPhone version of the highly anticipated Will Wright game, Spore, will debut in September, around the same time it launches on the PC. Like Gameloft, EA says it's in the early stages of development on a number of other games for the iPhone OS.


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