sl-pm-ib-81.jpgEpocrates®, Inc., developer of mobile applications used by more than 500,000 healthcare professionals, is excited to announce that it has begun development of its clinical software products for the iPhone operating system. Epocrates was one of only five companies, including, AOL, EA and Sega, to be highlighted by Steve Jobs during the iPhone Software Roadmap media briefing.

“By putting so much computing power into such an elegant mobile device, Apple has opened up tremendous opportunities for application developers”, said Kirk Loevner, Chairman and CEO of Epocrates, Inc. “The technology and software in the iPhone OS will allow us to create new and innovative applications that help improve patient safety and provide healthcare professionals with an unsurpassed user experience.”

How Epocrates is Working with Apple® to Develop Clinical Software for iPhone

Epocrates is one of a few companies who have been working directly with Apple to create an application that can be stored directly on the device. This will enable healthcare professionals to always have immediate access to vital clinical information wherever and whenever they need it, regardless of Internet connectivity. When a connection is established, the device will be automatically populated with updated drug and safety information and important medical news.