Monday, March 24, 2008

Click to zoom.How much does it cost to replace a broken iPhone?

Some of you probably wondered what’s gonna happen if you (god forbid) do something really bad to your iPhone and it no longer works right.

iPhone World reader RKH writes…my iPhone landed on the top power button. The metal near the power button is very slightly dented but enough so that my phone thinks the power button is being pressed in all the time. Attempts to pry the button out have met with failure. I drop it off at the Apple store on Monday- but it sucks I have been without my phone for almost a week (don’t live close to an apple store) and I have no idea what ungodly amount they will charge for this fix.

broken iphone replacement

According to Chris, an Apple Employee in the role of a Mac Genius, "depending on your phone size (4, 8, 16GB) the price goes from 199, 249, 299$ respectively. It will be up to the the Genii at your store to cover it or not.

…any manufactured defect, that can not be fixed by a restore or reset, will be covered. Be sure YOU can recreate the issue prior to coming in or an Genius might not be able to (no pun intended). Anything accidental damaged - liquid, drop, crush, cracked - will never be covered. "


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