Monday, March 31, 2008

CarryMobile iPhone Leather Case Review

The iPhone leather case by CarryMobile was designed with the thoughts of what an iphone user needs. Protection, and easy access. This beautiful, well hand crafted case features a removable 360 degree belt clip, a flip open design, wallet feature to put cash or credit cards in, and eye catching white stitching. Other features include a magnetic snap to keep the case closed, easy access to top and side switches, and four holes where the speaker is located so the sound will not be diminished when listening to your music or videos.


When opening the package I found there was some minor installation needed before use. Simply take the screw on knob for the belt clip and tighten it to the back of the case, then slide the belt clip over the knob.


With my other iPhone case I was always taking it in and out of the case to use it. With this case there was no need to do so. The flip open feature provides easy access to the home screen so I can check my email, text, or screen my call before picking up with my bluetooth device.


If your saying to yourself that this case is not for you because you don’t like to carry your phone on your belt, think again. The removable clip makes for a great protective case to carry your iPhone in your pocket, or purse. Its high quality, and many features earned Gold review.


To purchase this case and other iPhone cases by CarryMobile visit their website.

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