Thursday, March 20, 2008

3G iPhone coming to Singapore in September?

According to Singapore-based Channel News Asia, this country may be one of the latest to have landed an official iPhone distributor, but there’s still a long wait ahead.

Quoting industry sources, the report states that Singapore Telecommunications Ltd. will be launching the iPhone exclusively in Singapore in September 2008. Our guess would be, if the rumor is true, that the only reason for such a long delay is that Singapore would be getting the upcoming 3G iPhone version right away — and it is well known that 3G data standard support is deemed to be a very important feature in Asia.

singtel iphone

Singapore has seen its share of imported and unlocked iPhones that were (or maybe still are) widely available across the country. Late last year it was reported that Apple started an aggressive campaign against those black imports in Singapore, allegedly threatening unauthorized retailers with $1,000 fines for each sold unit.

Thanks: CNNMoney

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