Thursday, March 27, 2008

The 3G iPhone cometh (and this pun returneth)

Speculation time again... or is it? According to Gartner analyst Ken Dulaney, Apple has placed an order for 10m 3G iPhones, apparently to satisfy us pesky Europeans who aren't satisfied with EDGE.

Dulaney also claims that the new version of the Jesusphone will have an OLED screen to cut down on battery consumption, seeing as juice issues are probably what stopped the iPhone going 3G from day one.

The 3G iPhone really has to happen. Why else would the BBC take the trouble of issuing an iPhone version of the iPlayer? The app doesn't work well over EDGE - yes, it does work over Wi-Fi, but is that a big enough market to justify doing a special iPlayer version? Probably not. Most Wi-Fi usage is at home, where you can just use the iPlayer on your PC etc.

Ergo, Dulaney's words ring true. Also, ta to Mr G for pointing me towards this article, which covers how Apple has apparently won the right to use the "iPhone" name in Japan. And if we Euros get snotty about a lack of real high-speed broadband in a phone, then that goes double for the Japanese market.

June apparently, since you ask...


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