Saturday, February 2, 2008

Northwestern Students use iPhone and Facebook to Poll Super Bowl Ad Effectiveness

Using a new social networking platform called MIMIEO, graduate students at Northwestern University will poll thousands of fans during the 2008 Super Bowl ads. After each quarter of the game broadcast on Fox on February 3rd, the student's website will compile feedback from fans on how much they liked the ads, and whether the commercials will influence future purchasing decisions.

The new technology will allow users to submit feedback from multiple sources simultaneously to include: Facebook (using the PickMe application), the Apple iPhone, Internet enabled mobile devices, as well as the website .

Facebook users will connect to the polling service using the PickMe application launched earlier in 2008. All other users will submit feedback using the video enabled website .

Participants will be asked to rate how well they liked each ad (from happy to upset), as well as how likely they are to purchase the advertisers products or services in the future.

Following the game, a panel of Northwestern University graduate students will analyze the results, as well as publish a detailed report on the winners and losers of the game.


MIMIEO is a social networking platform created by several Northwestern graduate students in the Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT) program. The technology will provide open and real-time access to consumer polls. Using an integrated suite of applications, MIMIEO can poll consumers simultaneously via social networking websites, mobile phones, multi-media websites, and other Internet enabled sources. Other future events include The Oscars on February 24th, and polling of the presidential candidate rankings.


To schedule an interview, or obtain additional details about the Super Bowl rankings, please contact Glenn Allison. Graduate students to include: Bryan Tabiadon and Rohit Bhat will also be available preceding the Super Bowl for comment, as well as throughout the evening on Super Bowl Sunday February 3rd, 2008, and throughout the day on Monday February 4th, 2008. Interviews can be conducted via the phone, e-mail, or an in person visit. Media updates will also be placed on following the game.


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Thanks for the post! Please visit with your iPhone to see the Super Bowl ads and rank them!