Sunday, February 24, 2008

A newcomer’s view on Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

Over 1600 exhibitors were presenting their latest mobile tech developments at the Mobile World Congress 2008 in Barcelona. As a news editor I was given the right to access the most important events, take pictures of the products restricted only for the press delegates and to obtain some (hopefully) important to our readers information.

As a newcomer to the whole event and the trade itself I did not know what to expect from the exhibitors not to mention somewhat different mentality of locals.

One of the main factors that certainly have won over my uncertainties and fears was the beautiful location.

The National Palace (Palau Nacional) on photo is situated on the hill and overlooking the courtyard with beautiful fountains gleaming with different colours during the night.

Also a panoramic view on the whole city and not so distant see from the hill.

The city of Barcelona itself with its monumental historic buildings, wide and bright streets, cheerful and welcoming people won me over as well. Local food, prepared with fresh ingredients and representing local culinary tradition is something for everyone to try. As such, the organizers certainly chose a great location for the event.

And while all in all the World Mobile Congress seems to be a very attractive event, if the organizers were to make the visitors’ lives easier, they could have provided them with more toilets and some storage. Also, supplying the press delegates with a metro pass that expires one day before the end does not make complete sense to me (although it is good that they did supply one — so no complaints here).

Unfortunately (or fortunately, since the subway pass expired), I had to leave on the 14th, that is the last day of the event, so any inconsistencies with what was actually presented at different stands are to be blamed on the lack of time and in some part lack of experience. But, hopefully with all the experience gathered this year I will be best prepared for the next year event, which I can not wait to attend.

For more actual coverage of Mobiles World Congress 2008 see our special coverage for the event (and some articles are still forthcoming, even though it did end last week).

And below you can see some video glimpses from Mobile World Congress 2008.

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