Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Native iPhone App - iAno turns iPhone into a Touchscreen Piano

We have already seen the wonders of iPhone's multi-touch user interface with native iPhone Applications like PocketGuitar which turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into a touchscreen guitar.

If that wasn't impressive enough then you got to check out iAno - the newly released native iPhone application that turns your iPhone into a touchscreen piano.

The latest native iPhone application iAno makes use of iPhone's revolutionary multi-touch interface and turns the iPhone into a four octave keyboard with realistic piano sampling sounds.

The thing that makes the native iPhone application developed by Mister Aardvark impressive is that the keys on the keyboard animate on touch and up to five keys can be pressed at once thus allowing complex chords. The application has on screen navigation buttons to allow users to easily move up and down the scales by octave or partial octave.

Another great feature of the iPhone application is you can play along with your MP3s.

Aardvark also plans on adding additional features such as a complete 88-key keyboard, switchable sample sets, recording and playback, as well as support for loading .MID tracks and playing them back.

You have to checkout the impressive video demonstration of iAno in action below:

To install the native iPhone Application you will need to jailbreak your iPhone or iPod Touch. Here are instructions on how to to install iAno:

  • First you need to jailbreak your iPhone to allow third-party applications to be installed. You can check out the Simpler method to JailBreak iPhone firmware 1.1.3 for more details as it also installs the very cool installer App which will make installing iAno on your iPhone a lot easier.
  • Add the "" repository to your Installer.
    • Click on the Installer Icon.
    • Click on the "Sources" icon at the bottom.
    • Click "Edit".
    • Click "Add".
    • Enter: "".
    • Click "OK".
  • iAno will appear under the "Toys" section of installer.

Install it and let us know how was your first solo session on the touchscreen piano in the comments. If you liked this iPhone Application then you should also check out PocketGuitar which turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into a touchscreen guitar.

Thanks Aardvark for iAno, we will be looking forward to the additional features.

[via Mister Aardvark's blog]

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