Monday, February 4, 2008

iPhone Works OK After Being Run Over by 18-Wheeler

By David Becker

2216076730_a834e97a47 "Indestructible" hasn't been among the adjectives we normally associate with the pampered iPhone, but we're rethinking that following the tale of Mike Beauchamp of Kansas. Seems he rested his Lovebrick on the trunk of his car and didn't remember it until he'd been driving on the highway a good 15 minutes. Returning to the scene of the boo-boo, he got back just in time to see his phone get run over by an 18-wheel truck barreling along at full speed.

Amazingly, the device still worked, with a fully functional touchsceen and little more than cosmetic damage. Says Beauchamp:

This iPhone has been put through more hell than any crash test could put it through -- and with the exception of the obvious scratches on the back on the small dead spots on the screen, its amazing! None of the damage actually effects the functionality or performance of the phone.

Feel free to insert your own version of "Thank God he didn't try to update the firmware!" here.

iPhone run over by 18-wheeler, still works

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