Monday, February 25, 2008

iPhone is water resistant?

While this story in no way implies that the iPhone is waterproof, a funny, or rather, a scary thing happened to this writer today.

iPhone owner’s worst nightmare is probably dropping the iPhone (even if it’s not the most expensive iPhone ever — although in the latter case you’d more be worried about it being stolen), especially when it has no case on it.

Pluses and minuses of this particular iPhone-falling incident include:
- The iPhone fell into the dish sink.
- The dish sink was full of water, while the water tap was running.
+ The fall wasn’t from any serious distance.
+ The iPhone spent less than 5 seconds in the dish sink after falling.

iphone dish sink

And despite being dipped in the sink and being completely wet, this iPhone functions just fine after the incident (so far…). Although, who knows what might have happened if it was to spend more time underwater (you’d probably better not try)…

The conclusion of this story is that you probably wouldn’t want to wash leftover dishes from Friday night very early on Saturday morning while still half asleep and listening to internet radio on your iPhone — with corded headphones (if you use Bluetooth headphones or an armband iPhone case instead you’ll probably be just fine, though), while it’s “conveniently” hidden in your front shirt pocket.

Another conclusion is that Apple seems to have prepared the iPhone well for accidental little mishaps like this one — and for extreme temperatures as well: so far this writer’s original v1.0.1 unit braved temperatures ranging from -35c (-31f) in Canada to +40c (+104f) in Egypt in the last 6 months.

If any of our readers had similar experiences, we’d love to hear your comments.


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