Saturday, February 9, 2008

iPhone Introduces 16GB iPhone, 8GB iPod Touch


Hardware giant, Apple Inc., introduced two new memory-enhanced versions of its iPhone and iPod Touch products this week, doubling each device’s on-board memory.

The new and improved iPhone boasts 16GB of flash memory, while the enhanced iPod Touch now comes with 32GB. Each costs $499, or $100 more than their basic (8GB/16GB) counterparts, which remain available.

“There are a lot of users out there for whom there is never enough memory,” said Apple’s head of global marketing for iPod and iPhone products, Greg Joswiak. “We’ve given people more and more content that they can put on their iPhones. We always put our products out there and hope the market likes them. The higher-capacity models have always done well.”

This is no doubt a smart business move for Apple, especially after drastically cutting the cost of its 8GB iPhone last fall. Adding a few extra gigs of memory, after all, is a fairly cost-effective way to gross an extra $100 on each unit sold.

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