Sunday, February 17, 2008

First Pictures of Alienware Android Cell Phone

Google and Dell are on the point of launching a new mobile phone to run on the Android operating system, probably at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona that’s going on at the moment. Dell have tried to enter the mobile phone market once before but their range of PDAs was a complete flop.

Well, would you buy a Dell phone? Exactly.

Dell have also recently acquired Alienware, the trendiest tech company in the world, an expert in Video, Gaming, and Audio, and a company crying out for a mobile phone.

So here are the first pictures of the Alienware mobile phone!


  • Classic Alienware eye catching design
  • Large screen with high resolution
  • Superb video gaming capability
  • Fantastic Audio
  • Built on the Google Android platform

Alienware cell phone image 2

It’s well known that Dell want to enter the mobile phone market. Rivals such as Apple, Hewlett Packard and Asus already have mobile divisions, and last year Dell poached Motorola executive Ron Garriques to run their new global consumer group.

But so far their efforts have come unstuck, the uninspiring Axim PDA handset was dropped mid 2007, and Strategy Analytics Director Neil Mawson gave the following verdict “It makes sense for Dell to have a high-profile entry back into the market because its last effort with PDAs pretty much flopped.”

Why was this? The increasingly dull associations with the Dell brand? Maybe they should change their name to Dull. One thing for sure is there wasn’t exactly much of a stir when the last batch of handhelds were introduced.

Alienware vs dell

The brand did get a shot in the arm however in 2006 when Dell acquired Alienware, the mega-stylish American laptops and desktops manufacturer, known for their expertise in video, audio and gaming.

Alienware are famous for their eye catching designs and innovative technology, only last month they launched the ultimate in video gaming experience, a giant curved monitor that fills the entire of the gamer’s peripheral vision. Conclusion, Alienware cool, Dell not cool.

alienware curved screen monitor

The argument for an Alienware mobile phone is overwhelming. It would have the striking design to make an impression in a mobile market dominated by fashion phones, it would instantly be the coolest phone on the market thanks to the popularity of the Alienware brand, it would have the marketing muscle of Dell behind it to push it beyond its established niche and into the mainstream, and it would be the mobile gamer’s dream, just as video gaming on mobile phones is starting to enter the picture.

To add to the excitement there have been rumours recently that Dell and Google are on the point of making a surprise announcement at the 3GSM World Mobile Congress with speculation growing over an iPhone-challenging mobile device.

The first wave of phones built on the Google Android Open Development Project are due this summer, what price an early announcement of a real Google phone to sink our teeth into.

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