Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dilip Kapur, president, Hidesign likes iPod & iPhone

The wanderlust in Dilip Kapur, president, Hidesign (designers of leather goods), always keeps him on his toes. To keep him going, his iPod plays a pivotal role.

“While riding my Bullet and exercising every morning, my iPod comes very handy. I really think I cannot do without it,” says Mr Kapur. There are almost 1,500 songs stored at a time on the iPod of this music lover and not so car-savvy person.

He uses a BlackBerry and a Nokia phone to communicate. The ease of carrying gadgets and working is very important to him. He does not remember the model though but does not refrain from mentioning the qualities. “I bought Nokia because of its looks. It’s sleek and small. It fulfills my basic need of communication but in style.”

He uses the BlackBerry to check e-mails. He confesses that Blackberry is essential for his routine work and comes handy anytime, anywhere. Even though he possess a Sony Vaio laptop, he prefers BlackBerry for official work. “Laptops are a pain. I hate carrying them.” Though he bought the Sony Vaio laptop as it was lighter than what IBM, HP and Dell had to offer. He could do well to check out the thin and light Apple Air as well.

Yet, the white Sony Vaio helps in bringing out the designer in Kapur. “I do most of my designing on laptop. I have the software that facilitates designing and delivers an excellent output.”

However, if you are looking for him on social networking sites, don’t even try. He does not believe too much in social networking sites or blogging and likes to keep himself aloof from such pass time. “I would rather connect with friends through phone and e-mails than creating an account and leading a ‘second life’.”

For the wishlist, Apple iPhone is a priority for him. “I buy gadgets for ease but my heart is for Apple.”


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