Monday, February 25, 2008

Daxian x999, yet another iPhone clone

It seems that people behind iPhone clones are getting better with each day. The new iPhone lookalike is called DaXian x999. It’s a pretty impressive device which looks like iPhone, but under its skin it is Windows Mobile device.

It features 3.2-inch single-touch QVGA screen, dual 2-megapixel cameras, on the front and 1 in the back. It also has motion and proximity sensors, HTC like user interface. You can navigate 3D cube like menus with a slide of a finger.

Strangely developers were short on cash to get licensed copy of Windows mobile, so you will have to enjoy unlicensed one. Its price is $369.95. Would you buy such device over original iPhone which costs just a little bit more?

Here is a YouTube preview video:

Thanks: InfoWeek

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