Thursday, February 7, 2008

City woman still waiting for $3,000 iPhone order

Sandra Schnitzler says she's embarrassed to admit that a British Columbia-based iPhone dealer has allegedly scammed her of almost $3,000, but she's swallowing her pride in order to warn others about it.

"This is what you pay, for wanting something that's in style," the stay-at-home mom told Sun Media yesterday.

Schnitzler ordered four units of Apple's latest "gottahave" gizmo, the iPhone, which functions as an iPod, a phone, a camera and a mobile Internet device, from in early January.

Apple hasn't released the iPhone in Canada, forcing people to order it through unofficial distributors.

Schnitzler paid more than $2,900 with her debit card after the seller, who identified himself as Andrew, told Schnitzler she'd get a $100 discount if she used Interac.

The dealer got her money, but she never got her phones.

Schnitzler recently saw reports by Vancouver media that the whole deal was a scam.

"What concerns me is that I heard nothing about this scam in Edmonton," she said. "There are probably people locally waiting for their iPhones."

She learned about through a TV commercial and went to the company's website.

Schnitzler said she knows she won't get her money back but she's encouraging others to report to police if they've been scammed.

"We currently have eight victims that have come forward and investigators anticipate more reports to follow," said Cpl. Brenda Gresiuk of Coquitlam RCMP.

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