Monday, February 18, 2008

China - The Unofficial iPhone Hotbed

Reports from In-Stat (marketing research firm) are suggesting that 400,000 or so of the 1 million unlocked iPhones aimed for use on other network providers than AT&T, are located in China.

400,000 iPhones were found by the end of 2007, to be used as previously mentioned, equaling 10% of the total devices sold by the end of the year. In-Stat had this to add: “The figure surprised us as it is fourfold of that we estimated before. We have never doubted that the iPhone will achieve greater success than iPod in China if Apple teams with China Mobile to launch its Chinese version.”

The large amount of unlocked iPhones based in China is likely due to the fact that, where Americans use iPhones for business mostly, most Chinese families use the iPhone for personal use. Infact, buyers in China are more likely to pay more for their phones than other countries, with around 1/5 of all phones costing about $533.


Thanks: Apple Insider

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