Sunday, February 10, 2008

All firmware versions get iPhone unlock solution


If you happen to own a brand new iPhone (or are a seasoned iPhoner by now) and want to unlock your handset, I bring you good news. There is now a brand new iPhone unlock solution that works on all firmware versions, allowing you unprecedented freedom on your iPhone as never before without being shackled to AT&T’s contract. This revolutionary unlock software will work with all firmware versions from 1.0.0 till the current 1.1.3 version. Another wonderful aspect about this software is its compatibility with iPhones all over the world, so you don’t have to worry whether you’re in Africa or in Asia - as long as you have an iPhone in your possession, you will be able to use it freely without having fears or worries about turning it into an expensive (albeit good looking) brick.

Looks like you finally get to use your iPhone in exactly the way you want to - all you need to do is follow the directions on the full video tutorial to the letter and you’re good to go. The entire process will take less than 10 minutes before you reap the full benefits of this unlock. I wonder how Steve Jobs and the rest of the Apple team feels about this unlock software. Will they be introducing even more Draconian controls in the near future so that they will be able to exert total control over their products? I think such a move will only lead to a cat-and-mouse game where the consumers will be the loser as hackers won’t take too long before they reverse engineer a solution.

Guess it is time for those living outside of the US as well as countries where Apple has yet to introduce the iPhone officially to pick up the iPhone, although folks bringing the handset into your country might charge you a rather handsome premium over the recommended retail price due to its desirability. As long as you’re on a GSM network, you’re good to go. Too bad the iPhone doesn’t support 3G - that would’ve been the killer feature which could potentially see a doubling of iPhone sales.

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