Thursday, January 17, 2008

Rumors: iPhone Soft Update Soon, $350 Model For Hols

Greg Joswiak, Apple's vice president of iPod product marketing, told analysts today that a software update for the iPhone is coming soon.
"'The sky is the limit' for iPhone software," analyst Mike Abramsky told clients in a research note Tuesday. "An iPhone update patch is expected shortly."
Here's what you're gonna get, according to Abramsky: instant messaging with integrated image sending and "social networking," MMS support, GPS goodies, but "no word" on MS Exchange integration. He added, however, that future iPhones would likely be differentiated more by upgrades to hardware, than software, reflecting business as usual in the computer and phone industry. Expect, therefore, to see the iPhone's basic price to drop to $400 or below for the holiday season, with higher-capacity models being made available. Oh, and no 3G for a long time, due to "battery life and form factor challenges."
Remember: the plural noun for these guys is "a speculation of analysts."
Apple's first iPhone software update to arrive shortly [Apple Insider]

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