Thursday, January 17, 2008

Macworld: Four Million iPhones Sold, New Features Announced

At the Macworld Keynote, Steve Jobs has announced that the iPhone has already fold a whopping four million units in just 200 days, which is around 20,000 a day if you're counting (and we certainly are). That makes the 10 million target for the end of 2008 look much more plausible.

The iPhone also gets some new features with the v1.1.3 software update, most of which have already been guessed or leaked: Google Maps gets locations, which can be added by pushing in a virtual pin. Maps also get a GPS-a-like addition from Skyhook, which uses WiFi positioning combined with Google's cellphone tower triangulation to tell you where you are.

Also new is the ability to send an SMS to multiple recipients (welcome to 1999), customize the home screen just like in the video we saw, you press and hold an icon and then all the icons start to jiggle. You can then move them around. The iPhone will support up to nine screens and you swap them with a finger flip, just like the jailbroken iPhone.

The iPod part will get lyric support (something hacked iPhone owners already have with MobileScrobbler), and the Webclips feature of Leopard is included: You can grab a section of a web page and have it show up as an icon on the main screen. Finally, videos get support for multiple languages, subtitles and chapters.

If you have an iPod Touch, you get the additions of Google Maps, Stocks, Notes and Weather, all of which can be added to a hacked Touch. The bad news? Apple will charge existing Touch owners $20!

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