Sunday, January 20, 2008

Griffin in-car WindowSeat puts iPhone at eye-line

With firmware 1.1.3 and the advent of turn-by-turn navigation on the iPhone - albeit using assisted-GPS, which could prove to be too slow or inaccurate to give you timely directions - there’s now a legitimate market for in-car holders of your precious Apple phone and good reason to keep it in your eye-line (because that old “glovebox pixies might steal it” excuse didn’t fool anyone). Griffin Technology will be launching their own in March; called the WindowSeat, it’s pretty much as you’d expect: a suction cup and a cradle.

Griffin Technology WindowSeat

Griffin Technology WindowSeat

Still, for $19.99 it’s not too shabby, and they’ve even thought to put a handy release tab in the lower left-hand corner so you can stylishly whip your iPhone out when you arrive at your glamorous destination (rather than fiddling about like some sort of dashboard pervert).

Of course, this would be even more use if Apple had put A2DP stereo Bluetooth into the iPhone - then you could use it with an FM transmitter and stream your music through your car’s radio.

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