Monday, January 21, 2008

Belkin Releases New Cases for iPod Touch and iPhone

By: Christopher Meinck

Belkin today announced an assortment of new cases for the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPod.

Belkin iPhone case

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New iPhone and iPod Touch cases include:

  • Formed Leather with Removable Belt Clip: Features premium formed leather construction, screen protection, removable stainless steel belt clip and allows for full accessibility to the screen and navigation.
  • Micro Grip Case: Durable molded rubber construction, reflective lining material and hand washable.
  • Sport Armband Plus with FastFit system: Features FastFit, an adjustable one-handed clamp fastening system. Holster detaches from armband to clip onto clothing or bag. Clear screen protector and made from water wicking material. Features reflective highlights for use durning nightime. Cable capsule manages earphones in flexible rubber dome.
Belkin Armband Plus for iPod Touch

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Belkin has also announced the release of a variety of iPod Nano and iPod Classic cases.

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