Thursday, January 10, 2008

Apple iPhone Review By [8]

iPhone0039.jpgCourtesy of Apple's close ties to itself, the iPhone's calendar app can sync to iCal easily and painlessly. It's essentially a portable version of iCal, if iCal had no week view, no task lists, no time zone support, no support for multiple calendar support (creating a new event just dumps it into a new Calendar on sync) and quirky alarm support. Even with these deficiencies, it matches up pretty well to Windows Mobile 6's portable calendar.

iPhone0040.jpgWhat the Calendar app does have is nice. The list view displays all your appointments in a giant list. The day view displays seven hours at a time, and the month view shows the days of the month where you have something going on, plus a mini list view below so you can get a quick glance at what's scheduled.

iPhone0041.jpgThe thing's we're definitely taking points off for is the absence of a task list (c'mon, what the hell?), and no multiple calendar support (this is a mess you have to clean up every time you sync). We want these things fixed as soon as possible. [top]

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