Thursday, January 10, 2008

Apple iPhone Review By [10]

Miscellaneous Things That Make us Smile or Frown
• Every app always retains state when you leave to take a call.
• It doesn't have wireless syncing of data over EDGE, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth, using local PC, .Mac, or even Google/Yahoo storage. You sync when you dock with your Mac, which is something other phones can do. But hey, you're charging this thing every day, right? Might as well be by USB.
• Syncing backs up all your stuff, including notes and settings, although you can't read your notes on the PC.
• No little ring to hang my Kawaii cellphone charms off.
700MB taken by system files. No shit, really. No, not really. I think it may be closer to 180MB, thanks to the math of a Richard Graver at
• The 4GB unit should be $50 cheaper if they want to move those units.
• GSM buzz is maddening in some docks, and some car tape adapters.

Complete IPhone UI Walkthrough


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